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Family Day Care Services

KW 5 Star Kids Services is licensed by Department of Education and Early Childhood Development received funding from Commonwealth Government of Australia, rating and assessment done by Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority.

We provide

We provide excellent family day care services for your child talk to us today.

KW 5 Star provides "approved care" which can entitle users to Child Care Subsidy (CCS). Fees set by Educators vary but on average permanent rate range from $10 to $12.00 per hour and Casual average rate range from $13 to $18.50 this is before applying Child Care Subsidy (CCS).

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Offer to Families

Family Day Care Services education providers offer a very high quality and personalised home care and educational programs. That home based care creates an environment, which is very flexible, comfortable and relaxed. Educators are well trained in the field of family day care services and very dedicated to your child.


Our Services

Family Day Care Services Scheme offers the following services:

  • Full and part-time day care
  • Casual care
  • Emergency for 24 hours (Exceptional circumstances)
  • School holidays care
  • Before and After School care

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How to enrol your child

Simply send us an email to:

or fill in the contact us form and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Please provide the following details:

  • How many days and hours required
  • Number and age of children
  • Suburb or area
  • Start date
  • Does your child have any special needs or disability?

Home business

Are you the following person?

  • Interested in children?
  • Love and care for children?
  • Looking for a career in this field?
  • Want to earn income from home?

Then our Child Care Services is for you. This is a fully home-based business that could help you generate great income with flexibility and convenience. We provide full training and on going support for you.

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Are you passionate about working with children?

If you enjoy working with children, and want to make a difference in their lives by providing high quality care and learning experiences from your own home environment, then Please Contact us now this could be your career of choice!

Flexible and rewarding career ... at home!

Team up your love and passion for children with the opportunity to create a financially rewarding, professional home based career as an early childhood educator.

With our Family Day Care scheme support and guidance you will enjoy the flexibility of running your own business based on the needs of parents, with the ability to determine your hours of work, fees and charges.

You will also develop tailored educational programs for the children in your care, based on their individual developmental needs, interests and experiences. 

An exciting change from centre based employment

If you are an early childhood professional working in a centre based environment, you may enjoy the freedom and flexibility offered by family day care to shape your career and learning environment.

A new career for a new phase in your life

With a commitment to training and professional development, family day care could offer you the opportunity to start a rewarding new career with the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of your own family.

A growing profession

With the changing and ever increasing childcare needs of Australian working families, Family Day Care services have never been in such demand. Furthermore, with Family Day Care’s inclusion under the National Quality Framework and National Quality Standards and a growing awareness of the many unique benefits of the service, Family Day Care is fast becoming the option of choice in early childhood education and care therefore; well qualified educators are playing a vital role in Australian children’s education and care.

Why not become our Educator?

If you become one of our educators you would be offering the following services:

  • After completing our requirements, you will be approved as a registered educator in our service, to provide professional education and care, operating out of your own home.
  • An educator may educate and care for up to 7 children at any one time with not more than 4 preschool children and not more than 2 children under 1 year old.
  • As an educator you would forge a partnership with our Family Day Care Scheme. We will be regularly visiting you to monitor the children’s progress and to provide you with support.
  • As a family day care educator you can create your own unique learning environment including writing and implementing program plans for the children in your care.
  • As an educator, your service could offer options including full or part-time care, casual care, emergency 24 hour care and overnight care (exceptional circumstances), school holiday care, before and after school care and weekend care.

Creating a Family Day Care environment for educational and care

As part of the suitability requirements we will assess your property for children’s safety and to meet relevant regulations and advise if there are any changes required.


Enrolling children to fill vacancies

Promoting your service and marketing to families is usually done in partnership with our Family Day Care Scheme, KW 5 Star Kids Service. We advertise and usually receive enquiries from families to match with educators; and we invite parents to come to our Family Day Care office for an interview. Often we refer families to 3 or 4 educators. This gives families and educators the opportunity to match their needs and personal styles.

After parents notify us of their decision we request that parents come to the Family Day Care office to complete enrolment forms and agreements.

Ongoing support and professional development

You will have regular ongoing training and workshops including home visits and meetings. We issue a monthly/quarterly newsletter to support you in maintaining your skills and knowledge and to deliver quality education and care to the children in your service.


Getting started

Starting an exciting new career as a Family Day Care Educator begins with one phone call

Want more details?

We will discuss your interest, suitability and availability in becoming an educator and the processes by which we recruit, train and select educators.

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