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Who We Are

Welcome to KW 5 Star Kids Services Pty Ltd, a locally owned and operated Family Day Care Service providing high quality care to children in a small group by a registered Educator. Educators provide care in a stimulating manner, with direct input from parents about the needs of their children.

Our recruitment policy adheres to the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) practises by ensuring the successful recruitment of child care professional. 



Our Philosophy

Family Day Care Services aims to provide childcare of the highest quality which allows every child to grow and develop to the best of their physical, mental and emotional potential within a safe, secure and comfortable family environment.

The service aims to provide quality home based care which meets the Children's Services Regulation, Family Day Care Quality Standard and the policies of Family Day Care Services.

We believe in maintaining a professional approach while retaining a family philosophy to your child's care and education. Daily activities provide opportunities to stimulate learning, increase socialisation, promote physical growth and maintain emotional stability.

Educators are not employed by the Family Day Care Services, they are all self-employed and meet the Australian National Quality Standard.


Our Values

Family Day Care have a strong set of values to quality children's services, which enhances our community. We promote the development and enjoyment of the following, within a sensitive, responsible, relaxed and confidential environment.

Social equity and participation


Mutual respect

Care and safety

Trust, honesty and responsibility


Personal growth and development

Continual improvement

Our Objectives

Our main objective is to provide children a safe, happy, healthy and learning environment, where Family Day Care providers look after a small group of children in their own homes to the interest and needs of the individual child. We encourage parents to be involved in KW 5 Star Kids Services programs tailored to the needs of their children.


Our Vision

Family Day Care Services develop and enhance the children's family values -  underpinning the basis of happy, well-adjusted children.

Our Mission

Our Family Day Care acknowledges and respects the diverse community accessible to KW 5 Star Kids Services.


Our Strength

Professional care and assistance to our Educators is paramount to the success of the service. We would also like to ensure that all facets of the community are included, as our community consists of diverse multicultural groups. Some of the officers are multilingual and have an advantage of speaking different languages.

The provision of quality Child Care is vitally important for busy parents especially in these harsher economic times when additional work is required to support families,  therefore -Family Day Care Services have a commitment to provide opportunities for the Educators through ongoing training, workshops, seminars and conferences.