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Who can use our Family Day Care Services?

Our Family Day Care Services is available to parents who live, work or study in Australia and who need reliable, accredited, quality education and care for their children. The Australian Government funds FDC services to provide care mostly for children who have not commenced school. Parents do not have to be Australian residents to use a service. Child Care Subsidy (CCS), however, are only paid for children whose parents meet Australian residency requirements.


Our Family Day Care Services can provide flexible care, including all-day care, part-time, evening, overnight, casual, before and after school care, and care during school holidays. Our Service is well placed to provide individualised care for children with additional needs and care for children whose parents work outside of the normal hours that child care is provided. Sometimes families may require short-term 24-hour due to work related demands or other special circumstances, and our Family Day Care Services may be able to assist with that.

How do children benefit from our Educators?

Children benefit from Family Day Care through:

  • Developing a close relationship with one consistent Educator
  • Opportunities to learn through play-based exploration in a small group in a home environment
  • Socialising with mixed age groups in family settings
  • Opportunities to be an active participant in making decisions and planning for learning experiences
  • Participating in activities provided to suit the child’s individual needs - such as singing, story telling, make believe, play, creative experiences and inquiry based projects
  • Providing a connection with their local community by way of outings which may include visits to the library, parks and shops
  • Opportunities to engage within a larger group of children through regular, supervised play group sessions and visiting other Educator’s environments
  • Learning about tolerance and acceptance of families and children with different cultures, lifestyles and needs
  • Families working in partnerships with Educators and Coordinators to ensure children’s cultural background, interests and strengths are celebrated, shared and enhanced
  • Spending their time with a qualified and skilled educator able to scaffold and build onto the child's existing knowledge and skills

Cost of Care

Most of our Educators are under our Service fee. But within our family day care service some educators choose to setup their own fee but slightly different than ours. It is important that families understand that each Educator may have a range of fees and charges depending on the service provided. The Educator will be able to tell you the total cost of the care, but is not able to provide you with an estimate of actual cost of care reduced by your Child Care Subsidy entitlement prior to commencement as she/he will not have verification of your eligible Child Care Subsidy percentage. Please call your local Centrelink to know more about you eligibility.

Service Main Fee

Service Rates

Type Of Care

Dates and Times


Standard Booking hours

Monday - Friday (8 am – 6 pm)


Before/After School Booking hours

(7 am – 9 am) / (3 pm – 6 pm)


Non-Standard Booking hours

Monday - Friday (6 pm – 8 am)


Weekend Care Booking hours



Casual Standard hours

Monday - Friday (8 am – 6 pm)


Before/After School Casual hours

(7 am – 9 am) / (3 pm - 6 pm)


Casual Non-Standard hours

Monday - Friday (6 pm – 8 am)


Weekend Care Casual hours



Public Holiday Booking hours

Monday - Sunday (8 am – 6 pm)


Non-Standard Public Holiday Booking hours

Monday - Sunday (6 pm – 8 am)



These fees exclude food, nappies etc. It is purely hourly fee for the care of the child


How to enrol your child

Simply send an email to: or or fill in the contact us form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Home business

Are you;

  • Interested in children
  • Loves & enjoys the company of children
  • Is looking for a career in this field
  • Wants to earn a good income from home

Then Family Day Care Services is for you. This is a fully home-based business that could help you generate great income with flexibility and convenience. We provide full training and on going support for you.


Are you passionate?

If you enjoy working with children, and want to make a difference in their lives by providing high quality care and learning experiences from your own home environment, then this could well be your career of choice! Flexible and rewarding careers ... at home!

Team up your love and passion for children with the opportunity to create a financially rewarding, professional home based career as an early childhood educator.

With our Family Day Care scheme support and guidance you will enjoy the flexibility of running your own business based on the needs of parents and the ability to determine your hours of work, fees and charges. You will also develop tailored educational programs for the children in your care based on their individual developmental needs, interests and experiences. 

An exciting change from centre based employment

If you’re an early childhood professional working in a centre based environment, you may enjoy the freedom and flexibility offered by family day care to shape your career and learning environment.

With a commitment to training and professional development, family day care could offer you the opportunity to start a rewarding career with the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of your own family.

A growing profession

Due to the changing and ever increasing childcare needs of Australian working families, Family Day Care services are now in great demand.  Furthermore, the inclusion of Family Day Care under the National Quality Framework and National Quality Standards and it’s growing popularity, means that it has become the leading sector in early childhood education and care.

Why not become our Educator?

If you become one of our educators you would be offering the following services:

  • After completing our requirements, you will be approved as a registered educator in our service, which is to provide professional education and care - operating out of your own home.
  • An educator may take care up to 7 children at any one time with;
    • no more than 4 preschool children
    • no more than 2 children under the age of one.
  • As an educator you will forge a partnership with our Family Day Care Scheme. We will be regularly visiting you to monitor the children’s progress and to provide you with support.
  • As a family day care educator you can create your own unique learning environments including writing and implementing programs for the children in your care.
  • As an educator, your service could offer several options including full or part-time care, casual care, emergency 24 hour care and overnight care (exceptional circumstances), before and after school care, school holiday care and weekend care.

As a family day care educator you will join our network of educators across Melbourne, be part of a professional group supported by our coordination unit and the opportunity to be a member of the national peak body, Family Day Care Australia – representing you at a federal level.

Getting started

Your exciting journey as a Family Day Care Educator all begins with one phone call 

We will discuss your interest, suitability and availability in becoming an educator and the processes by which we recruit, train and select educators.

Start-up requirements

Setting up your own home business can be very exciting, however – a couple of investments need to be made upfront to enable your business to be successful.

Some key upfront start-up requirements:

  • Home maintenance or safety upgrades
  • Educational equipment and materials
  • Registration
  • Qualifications

Children’s health and safety is the number one priority. Guidelines and standards are available to ensure that your home and garden/backyard  are safe for children.

Essential Requirements to become an educator

  1. Minimum of Certificate III
  2. A National Police Record Check
  3. A Working with Children Check 
  4. A current Level 2 First Aid Certificate
  5. A Current Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certificate
  6. A current Anaphylaxis certificate.
  7. Asthma Management certificate
  8. Food Handling and certificate
  9. Medical  Assessment form completed by your doctor
  10. Vehicle Restraint Check
  11. Customer Reference Number
  12. Tax File Number
  13. Australian Business Number (ABN)
  14. Provider Digital Access (PRODA)
  15. Home Safety check
  16. Public Liability Insurance
  17. An orientation day before start
  18. First Aid kit             
  19. Fire blanket & extinguisher
    • A safe and stimulating educational environment including provision for physical activity area
    • Provision for children’s rest area and hygiene needs.

    Any person who is 18 years and above and lives with the educator home should have a Working With Children Check Volunteer and Police Check.

     As part of the suitability requirements we will assess your property for children’s safety and to meet relevant regulations and advise if there are any changes required.

     Enrolling children to fill vacancies

    Promoting your service and marketing to families are usually done in partnership with our Family Day Care Scheme.  We advertise and usually receive enquiries from families to match with our subsequent educators. We then come and invite parents to come to our office for an interview. In most cases we refer families to 3 or 4 educators. This gives families and educators the opportunity to match their needs and personal styles.

    After the parents notify us of their decision, we request that parents come to the Family Day Care office to complete enrolment forms and agreements or they can go to our educator and complete there

    Ongoing support and professional development

    You will have regular and ongoing training /workshops including home visits and meetings. We issue a monthly/quarterly newsletter to keep you informed on various news and methods to renew or maintain your skills as an educator.

    Your income

    Being a self-employed business operator means you can set your own fees (advice can be sought from your accountant).

    As many parents are eligible for Child Care Subsidy (CCS) fee subsidies, the coordination unit pays you the CCS on behalf of the parent, and in turn the parent pays you the outstanding difference of the full fee.


    Contact  us on 0412 838 006 or email today.

    Family Day Care Educators/carers offer a high standard of personalised care and education for children age from 6 weeks to 14 years. Family Day Care Educators/carers work from home and offer an environment that caters for flexible working hours and is like a home away from home. Our Educators are well trained in the field of Family Day Care and are very dedicated to your child.


    Our Family Day Care Coordination Unit works in partnership with Educators to uphold organisational values, meet required legislation and regulations. We are a licenced service who works with the Victorian Early Yearn Learning and Development Framework [VEYL&DF], the National Early Years Learning Framework [EYLF], the National Quality Framework [NQF], the National Quality Standards [NQS] and are accredited by the Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority [ACECQA].


    KW 5 Star Kids Services Pty Ltd is a Family Day Care Service who recruits very high quality educators to provide personalised home care. Home based care provides an environment that is very flexible, nurturing, comfortable and relaxed. Educators are well trained in the field of family day care services and very dedicated to your child.  Our educators are respectful of all cultural and family practices. Educators are supported in their work by our Family Day Care Scheme in delivering the highest quality of education and care for your child.


    Our Family Day Care monitors the wellbeing, education and care of children while supporting Educators in achieving a high standard of service provision.


    Our Educators are supervised, supported and encouraged by qualified staff via the Family Day Care Coordination Unit, and are required to participate in ongoing professional training and personal development. Our Family Day Care Scheme Coordinators and Educational Leaders (who hold diploma in  Children Services) visit each educator regularly.


    Family Day care Educators are required to participate in a quality improvement plan as part of the accreditation of our Family Day Care Service. This process is ongoing, and requires both the scheme and the educator to develop goals for continuous improvement.



    Learning outcomes are most likely to be achieved when early childhood educators work in partnership with families. Educators recognise that families are children’s first and most influential teachers. They create a welcoming environment where all children and families are respected and actively encouraged to collaborate with educators about curriculum decisions in order to ensure that learning experiences are meaningful.

    Partnerships are based on the foundations of understanding each other’s expectations and attitudes, and build on the strength of each others’ knowledge.

    In genuine partnerships, families and early childhood educators:

    • Value each other’s knowledge of each child
    • Value each other’s contributions to and roles in each child’s life
    • Trust each other • communicate freely and respectfully with each other
    • Share insights and perspectives about each child
    • Engage in shared decision-making. Partnerships also involve educators, families and support professionals working together to explore the learning potential in every day events, routines and play so that children with additional needs are provided with daily opportunities to learn from active participation and engagement in these experiences in the home and in early childhood or specialist settings.